Missionary Hump Day – Or Half Way Mark

Hump Day edited

Our missionary son just came upon his halfway mark of his 2 year mission.  IT is kind of tradition that families send letters of congrats and celebration for making it through the toughest part of the mission.  After serving a year, they are now on the downhill side the mission-making it over the hump.

So, I went on a search for great ideas for Hump Day, this is what I found.

Great Ideas for Hump Day Gifts:  Hope you will check out these wonderful sites.  They have much more fun info in addition to what I have posted here.

Also, at the end of this post, I have posted photos of what we sent, and some of photos of people holding posters in celebration of  his hump day.  Kind of Fun!


           from:  Pinching Pennies Forum
(This Forum has a lot of ideas from people for Hump Day, these were a couple of my favorites.)
“As a missionary, I loved getting new clothes, shoes because I was so tired of wearing the same ones over and over.
Also, one time I sent an elder a whole box of really ugly ties from DI for his district to wear. They thought it was hilarious!”
“Seagull book used to sell the camel with a scripture reference on it. Not sure if they still do as I got mine about a year ago. Do you have the camel story to go with it? If you need it pm me.On six month mark I sent a roll of quarters saying you’re a quarter of the way there. On hump day it was a roll fifty sent pieces (I think that it was $10)”
“For my son it was also his birthday so much of the box was b-day gifts and treats.
“My 16 yr old daughter made a sign that said Happy Hump Day and I took it everywhere with me for a couple weeks. We had family, friends, ward members, our family pets, etc. all have a picture holding the sign. Then I put together a small photo album will all the pictures and cut outs of camels here and there. I also went to the store and bought some of his favorite foods and snacks. I opened each of the packages very carefully and removed half of the contents. My 2 youngest made a bunch of notes that said “You are half-way there!” that we folded up and put in each of the packages and then carefully resealed them. Both of these ideas someone was sweet enough to share. Just for extras, we threw in a new journal, and each of us took a Book of Mormon and wrote our testimonies in it for him to hand out. He said he loved all of it!!!”
This Great Idea is from:  Lds Missionary Moms (This site is loaded with wonderful ideas for supporting your missionary, I pasted this entry from LDS Missionary Moms, because it is a little hard to find from the link.  This post is what gave us the idea to take the photos for our picture book that we sent our son.)
When my son’s hump day was nearing I was looking for ideas too. I had read a lot of ideas about sending stuffed camels and such but my son had tried to nicely let me know that those kinds of things were just more useless stuff for him to have to either move around with him or give away.Then I read this idea and it was tailor-made for him. We made two signs on poster boards. One said “Happy Hump Day” and the other said “We are celebrating Elder …’s Hump Day!”Then for the few weeks before the official day we took the “Happy Hump Day” sign everywhere we went and took pictures of everyone we could find holding the sign. We kept it in the car so we always had it with us. We tried to get people and places that would mean something to him. We took a picture of his siblings holding the sign in front of our house, outside in the swimming pool, and outside of his favorite places to eat out. We took it to his cousin’s birthday party and got lots of photos with all the different relatives holding it.I even invited over his few friends that are still around and not serving missions (mostly girls) to come over. We took pictures with them holding the sign and eating ice cream in his kitchen, lying on his bed, playing his video games. They were so funny. We even took a couple of them holding their scriptures and reading to each other. We took the sign quading and bowling and to the high school. One day we were running errands and we ran into some local missionaries. We asked them to hold the sign and they gladly obliged.It was summertime and we took a quick vacation up to Provo to visit relatives. Our Elder had spent a couple of semesters at BYU before he left for his mission so we visited his favorite places in Provo – including outside the MTC and also the BYU creamery where our picture included us all eating chocolate mint brownies (one of his favorites). There were people he knew and people he didn’t know but everyone was holding the sign. Then we put all the pictures in a cheap plastic photo brag book that we got at WalMart.The first picture in the book was of the “We are celebrating…” poster and the last photo was of the “Happy Hump Day” poster. In between were all the photos of all the happy people. I was worried that it all might make him homesick but he loved it more than anything else we’ve done. He said he laughed and cheered and told his companion who all the people were and why we had included the places we did.It was a big hit and became an instant treasure. He told us he really “felt the love!”
I love, love, love  these poems for the celebrated days of the mission,  from:  LDS Missionionary Moms
 Poems For Bump, Hump, Jump, & Slump Days

Poems for ALL the red-letter days of a Missionary’s life.Bump Day – out 6 months
Hump Day – out 12 months, halfway through their mission
Jump Day – out 18 months
Slump Day – Whenever your missionary is in a slump for any reason.Greenie 


Missionary Hump Day:  from, The Idea Door Files

I just thought I would share what I put in his “Hump Day” box:


Click below for a wonderful poem from LDS Missionary Moms Blog

by Cheryle K Carpenter


Our Package from Home:

We sent his favorite treats, peanut butter, and a few items that he had requested, like shoe insoles, new shoe polish and applicators.  I also found some clearance florescent t-shirts that said,  “I did it!”, and “scores under pressure”.

hump day package contents hump day recipients This is a photo of our missionary waring one of the shirts that we sent.  This was a happy day for him to get to hump day.  He has been on fire with the missionary work since his year mark.  Time is flying so fast, his 2 years will be up soon


We also took many photos of family and friends holding posters of celebration.  I will include a few more of these photos, as they are fun.

I have had so many requests for these posters, that I have finally created a link for a free printable of these posters:

Hurray!  Half Way:  click here

You Made It to Hump Day:  click here

We Love You!  It’s Downhill From Here:  click here

IMG_0529 For Face Book IMG_0241 IMG_0247 IMG_0250 IMG_0260 IMG_0446 IMG_0456 IMG_0459 IMG_0465 IMG_0473-001 IMG_0477 IMG_0479 IMG_0481 IMG_0483 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0527

For free printable’s of these posters.  click on the links below:

Hurray!  Half Way:  click here

You Made It to Hump Day:  click here

We Love You!  It’s Downhill From Here:  click here


  1. Becky Smith says:

    Is there a way I can get the cute pictures you held up for your signs? Also trying to print the poems, but can’t. If you could help, I would love it! Thanks!

  2. So cute! Will you email the cute signs you had everyone holding?

    • Sure, hump day is such a landmark for these missionaries. Seems like the time flies so fast once they get past this mark in their mission.

  3. Would you mind emailing these to me as well? Thanks

  4. I love the signs you made! Great idea! Would you mind emailing them to me too?

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    I also love this idea and your pictures. My son just had bump day and I wish I would have seen this last week. I would also love to have a copy of your signs. So creative and I am not! Thank you for the cute idea!

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  17. Kristin W. says:

    My son is coming onto his 1 year mark and I would love if you could send me your fun signs. What a great idea!

    • marilyn says:

      How exciting! The second year is incredible for these missionaries. They become seasoned missionaries. It is so fun to see.

  18. Jenn cannon says:

    Love, love, love!!! Will you email signs to me too?

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    About a month away from hump day for my daughter ~ I’d also love a copy of the posters. Thanks for sharing! mccurdyhome@frontier.com

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    I would love to have you email the signs to me also…such a cute idea. We are working on our package now, HUMP day is in 6 weeks 🙂 Thanks!!!

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    I love your signs. Could you e-mail them to me too. Thanks

    • Karen Thatcher says:

      I am an old missionary mom and living in the dinosaur times. My son passed his year mark two days ago, I used to have a an old cut and paste missionary special days book, but in our move ten years ago, it has been lost and I was too as to to what to do for hump- day. Hooray! I finally realized I could look to the web for help. I would love to have a copy of your signs too, please. It may be passed, but the thought is the same. Thanks so much for your time.

  22. sharlee smith says:

    Love love these!! Can I maybe get an email with these??

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    I have been looking all over for something for my niece’s hump day. Would you please send me a copy? I can’t put them in her box because I’m mailing it to Japan tomorrow but I want to do the pictures with the family and friends this weekend! Thank you! They are darling!

    • marilyn says:

      I’m sorry, I think I missed your comment. Have been on a camping trip for a week, and still trying to catch up on those things set aside. I hope it is not too late to email you these posters.

      Best wishes.


  33. Wendi Erikson says:

    Any chance you will email them to me also? I’ve been trying to figure out what to do and his half way mark is this month! Yay!! I love this idea because it’s not just sending more “stuff”! The sooner the better if possible. 🙂

  34. Wendi Erikson says:

    and… I just saw the links for the posters. Thank you! 🙂

  35. I would LOVE to get an email of the cute signs! I have two missionaries out. Thank you sooo much!

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    Thanks so much! This is exactly what I was looking for:)

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    Could I by chance get you to email me the signs and poems too?? 🙂 That would be awesome! I love this idea and can’t wait to do it for my missionary!

  39. Do you still have those hump day posters you are holding? Could you email them to me? SO excited we are half way there!!

  40. Jenny Page says:

    Hi, I absolutely love your ur missionary ideas!! I know you did this quite a while ago, but do you still have your signs? Could you email them to me if you do? Thank you so much!!

    • marilyn says:

      Yes. There is a link in the middle of this post and also at the end of this post, that will take you directly to a pdf that you can save the image and then print out as you like. Let me know if you have any problems with this process.

      Happy Hump day!

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