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Hardship Produces Miracles

September 2011 – My darling sister who has been through some incredible hardships in her life, was able to get a job at a different nursing location. I am so thrilled for her.  She is an amazing woman who I love and respect.   Her present situation with work has been very consuming physically as […]

Teaching Miracles

I am a piano teacher.  For the past 17 + years while raising my family, I have seen daily miracles with my teaching schedule.  It has almost felt like I have a secretary that watches, shifts and organizes my schedule to meet the needs of my family. If a child was sick, or had an […]

See’s Fudge (Dad Hanks version) Recipe

See’s Fudge ( from Dad Hanks) I think this is the one he used to make for us from the Cedar Institute – several have asked for this. Makes 5 lbs  4 ½ cups sugar 1 can milk Cook until boiling (med. High heat)  Boil 8 minutes (or less) stirring constantly  Take off stove Stir […]

Awesome Caramel Recipe

This is my all time favorite Homemade Caramel Recipe.  It was give to my by a good friend Beckie Page.  I have used this recipe for dipping hundreds of apples, to cover  nutty popcorn, for Christmas Turtles, Pretzels and also for fondue.  It is always a big hit!  Hope you enjoy. Awesome Carmel Recipe –Beckie […]

Skor Cake – Best Ever

Skor Cake (This recipe has many names, Seth’s friends call it “Better than Seth Cake”  It has become a tradition to serve this on Seth’s Birthday.)  1 cup margarine (1/2 cup works) 1 cup water 3 Tsp. cocoa  Melt margarine in a saucepan then add water and cocoa.  Bring to a boil.  Then pour over: […]


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