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Site Under Construction – Hope You Will Return Soon

  Link for photo: Please forgive me while this site is under construction.  I have been in the process of getting things transferred over from Blogger.  I thought I had things looking pretty good on wordpress, but then realized that I  wasn’t satisfied with the organization and the look of my blog.  So I went […]

Money Matters for Children Tip #3: Family Maid Service & Gunny Bag

Do you ever tire of picking up after your kids, the same things day after day?  Well here is a tip I do believe I learned from “James Jones”, public speaker.  It is called “Family Maid Service“.  Basically you teach the concept that if your children aren’t willing to pick up after themselves, then you […]

Beautiful Missionary Message

Just a simple message from my son who is serving a mission for our church.  At 20 years of age, he has already grown so much in spirituality and wisdom.  His experience has not been easy, but very worthwhile.  We miss him tremendously, but know his sacrifice will bless many lives. “I love this work […]

Becoming One

Just found this photo, and it reminded me of this message that I recently updated with photo and some additional insights.  To view this post, click here

Celebrating St. Patrick’s day with Nutcrackers

Looking for a new hobby or collection?  Maybe you might want to take up painting Nutcrackers.  Or, creating a collection of all different kinds of Nutcrackers, sold world wide.  The reason this hobby is so fun, is that each nutcracker has it’s own personality, and represent a trade, lifestyle or holiday.  They truly become treasured […]


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