Truth is Simple

  As I was studying today, I came across a note in my scriptures that said, “Truth is Simple”.  What a profound statement.  It truly simple.  I was reading in Jacob 4:14 of those who despised the plainness of the prophets.  Because of their blindness, they looked beyond the mark.  It states that God took […]

Finding the Balance in Everyday Living

In my efforts to join my old and new blog, today I will revive an old post shared from blogspot, on order and balance (written 10-3-11, hope you enjoy). Today, my intentions were to highlight some organization ideas, but as I went to copy and paste from another great website, I instead decided to share […]


I love, love, love “Sweet to My Soul Facebook Page“.  Beautiful images, thoughts and quotes, just make my day. Is this home?  I can feel the breeze right now!


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