Super Yummy & Easy Bread Sticks

Just recently was given the assignment to make bread sticks for a family get together.   In the past, I have always used Rhodes rolls to make my breadsticks.  They are super good rolled in butter and sprinkled with “Salad Supreme”.  But, I thought I would be daring and try a homemade recipe, so jumped onto […]

Yummy Dinner Rolls

  Yummy Dinner Rolls (Given from one of the sister missionary’s in Samoa 2010) 3 ¾ c. warm water 1/3 c. oil (canola) 6 Tbs. sugar 3 tsp. salt 2 Tbs. Instant Yeast 9 ¾ cups flour  Combine water, oil, sugar salt & instant yeast.  Add flour ( 9 cups)  Mix by hand or in […]


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