The Abundant Life

Do you seek peace of mind?  Do you seek forgiveness?  Peace?  Understanding?  Joy?  Today I have enjoyed reading a wonderful talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin,  “The Abundant Life.”  He shares common characteristics of the happiest people that he knows.  He declares that these qualities can transform ordinary existence into a life of excitement and abundance. […]


Thoughts on Hope, Hope is a powerful word used in the scriptures. It often found in between, faith and charity. (1 Cor. 13:13). These words are interrelated, and also interdependent. In the dictionary, hope is not identified as just a wish, but an expectation of things to come. It is this sense of expectation, as […]

Teaching Honesty and Integrity

Can you imagine what our world would be like if honesty and integrity were taught in every home.  Can you imagine the honor and respect that would be enjoyed by all.  I don’t know exactly why I decided today to post about this topic.  It may be because of my photo search last night into […]

30 Day No Sugar Challenge! We Can Do it!

I have been searching for a simple lifestyle change that will promote better health and spirit, as I have struggeled lately to find the answer to good health.  Throughout my life I have tried every kind of diet, exercise, etc to try to maintain good health & weight loss.  Each effort seems to go well […]

Ephraim’s Rescue – Story of My Great Grandfather

To view trailer of this movie, click here: I just attended the movie, “Ephraim’s Rescue”.  What a spectacular movie about the life of my Great Grandfather Ephraim Knowlton Hanks.  What a treat for me to see my Great Grandfather in the eyes of the film makers. Growing up as a child, we were always […]


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