Listen with Your Heart

How often do you listen with your heart? Do you experience the warmth, the joy, the happiness that comes when your ears connect with your heart?  It has been said that often in life, if our heart and mind learn something or comprehend and idea, a goal, or a prompting; we will have the power […]

I Am Ready Now – Life Story of Ephraim Hanks

“I Am Ready Now” by J. Phillip Hanks. This new publication brings to light the events in the life of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks which are not widely known or have been hidden in archives of the past. Phil (the youngest living grandchild of Ephraim Hanks) has spent many years researching and studying the journal entries […]

Ephraim’s Rescue – Story of My Great Grandfather

To view trailer of this movie, click here: I just attended the movie, “Ephraim’s Rescue”.  What a spectacular movie about the life of my Great Grandfather Ephraim Knowlton Hanks.  What a treat for me to see my Great Grandfather in the eyes of the film makers. Growing up as a child, we were always […]

Boston Miracles

I just came across this post from one of my son’s best friends who is serving a mission for our church in Massachusetts.  Sounds like he was headed to the finish line to watch the Boston Marathon, and miraculously his group turned around due to a cold wind.  I have copied his post details because […]

Hardship Produces Miracles

September 2011 – My darling sister who has been through some incredible hardships in her life, was able to get a job at a different nursing location. I am so thrilled for her.  She is an amazing woman who I love and respect.   Her present situation with work has been very consuming physically as […]


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