Missionary Hump Day – Or Half Way Mark

Our missionary son just came upon his halfway mark of his 2 year mission.  IT is kind of tradition that families send letters of congrats and celebration for making it through the toughest part of the mission.  After serving a year, they are now on the downhill side the mission-making it over the hump. So, […]

Boston Miracles

I just came across this post from one of my son’s best friends who is serving a mission for our church in Massachusetts.  Sounds like he was headed to the finish line to watch the Boston Marathon, and miraculously his group turned around due to a cold wind.  I have copied his post details because […]

Beautiful Missionary Message

Just a simple message from my son who is serving a mission for our church.  At 20 years of age, he has already grown so much in spirituality and wisdom.  His experience has not been easy, but very worthwhile.  We miss him tremendously, but know his sacrifice will bless many lives. “I love this work […]

Missionary Blog

photo from: http://themormonmissionaries.com/files/2009/12/missionary-mormons.jpg My favorite way to scrapbook my son’s missionary experience is in a blog.  It is so easy to copy letters written and paste them into the blog, and also to download photos that my son has saved in dropbox.  These are easy to download and add to the blog.  My plans are […]


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