Food Left Over’s Going to Waste? Check out this great food storing idea.

Do you find yourself constantly throwing away leftover food that is tucked into the back of the refrigerator?  I have often found myself in the same situation.  One day while purchasing frozen meals, and frozen tv dinners for my family to prepare while I was away,  I had a food saving idea come to my […]

Simplicity, Harmony, and Opportunity

I love this quote from Albert Einstein which I originally posted on my old blog (  I love the invitation from this quote to do a check on our attitude.  Our world around us is created by the thoughts in our minds, and the things that we focus on.  If we consistently focus on negative, […]

Finding the Balance in Everyday Living

In my efforts to join my old and new blog, today I will revive an old post shared from blogspot, on order and balance (written 10-3-11, hope you enjoy). Today, my intentions were to highlight some organization ideas, but as I went to copy and paste from another great website, I instead decided to share […]


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