Kindness, a Christlike trait that when developed within your character, brings joy to every soul.


Thoughts on Hope, Hope is a powerful word used in the scriptures. It often found in between, faith and charity. (1 Cor. 13:13). These words are interrelated, and also interdependent. In the dictionary, hope is not identified as just a wish, but an expectation of things to come. It is this sense of expectation, as […]


I love, love, love “Sweet to My Soul Facebook Page“.  Beautiful images, thoughts and quotes, just make my day. Is this home?  I can feel the breeze right now!

Dealing with Problems – Rough Road Just Ahead

Photo Link:  Click Here I took some time today to send some words of encouragement to my son who is serving a 2 year mission in  Guatemala,  for our church.  It is so hard to have him so far away, on his own, making all of his own decisions, and dealing with daily issues on […]

Becoming One

Just found this photo, and it reminded me of this message that I recently updated with photo and some additional insights.  To view this post, click here


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