Doing What We Were Meant to Do – Planning our Lives with Purpose

Recently I have enjoyed reading from a book entitled,”  Doing What We Came to Do, living a life of love”, by Ardeth G. Kapp             A few days ago I posted a spotlight on this book, a statement on integrity.  Today, I would like to share a few statements by […]

Ephraim’s Rescue – Story of My Great Grandfather

To view trailer of this movie, click here: I just attended the movie, “Ephraim’s Rescue”.  What a spectacular movie about the life of my Great Grandfather Ephraim Knowlton Hanks.  What a treat for me to see my Great Grandfather in the eyes of the film makers. Growing up as a child, we were always […]

Light & Hope

Have you ever felt weighed down with the weight of darkness?  Feeling overwhelmed, helpless, ready to give up?  To then be lifted out of that consuming weight to feeling light, free, energetic and happy? The experiences of light and darkness are two very strong forces in our lives.  Darkness can not exist if light is […]

Becoming One

Just found this photo, and it reminded me of this message that I recently updated with photo and some additional insights.  To view this post, click here

Intimate relationship between spouse and God – Pray together night and morning

Love the message of the sealer who performed my niece Lauralee and Mike’s wedding. He stated,  “that to intimately know our spouse and God, we should pray together as couples every evening and morning. This will invite an intimate relationship between all.  What a simple treasure.” Often times, kind or concerned words are shared through […]


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