Listen with Your Heart

How often do you listen with your heart? Do you experience the warmth, the joy, the happiness that comes when your ears connect with your heart?  It has been said that often in life, if our heart and mind learn something or comprehend and idea, a goal, or a prompting; we will have the power […]

Make Life Happier

Don’t you love the feeling you get when you take time to do something that might lift someone’s spirits, or take time to do something nice for someone else.  Maybe it might just be taking the time to think of someone else besides yourself. One of my favorite books that often lifts my spirit and […]

Light & Hope

Have you ever felt weighed down with the weight of darkness?  Feeling overwhelmed, helpless, ready to give up?  To then be lifted out of that consuming weight to feeling light, free, energetic and happy? The experiences of light and darkness are two very strong forces in our lives.  Darkness can not exist if light is […]


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