Grandma Myrt

Tribute to a Remarkable Lady


This page will be dedicated to Myrtle Vee Green Hilton’s memory.  It will be a collection of her amazing recipes, as she was a tremendous cook, and also favorite memories of the times that were spent with her.  We miss her much, but her influence will never leave us.  We love you Myrt.  –









“You’ll Never Be Alone”


Don’t weep for me my children

The Lord has called me home,

 And though you may not see me

You’ll never be alone.


I’ll be so close beside you

Your whispers I will hear.

And when I see you crying

I’ll wipe away each tear.


As I see you walking

I’ll reach and take your hand.

Together we will walk along

God’s precious, chosen land.


As I see you laughing

I’ll listen carefully,

Then put my arms around you

And hug you close to me.


As I see you sleeping

You’ll feel my presence there.

I’ll gently kiss you on your cheek

And stroke your auburn hair.


And when I see you struggle

I’ll hold you in my arms.

I’ll comfort and protect you

I’ll keep you safe from harm.


As I see you praying

I’ll kneel down by your side.

God’s love we’ll feel together

God’s love you’ll feel inside.


And so be still my children

The Lord has called me home.

And though you may not see me

You’ll never be alone.

                                                                                                            Marilyn M. Linford


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