Happy 80th Birthday to a Wonderful Lady!

beautiful people

We just celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday.  What a special day to be with her and my wonderful dad.  These two are such amazing people.  Together they are complete!  My parents are a true example of what marriage and family are all about. They are both so selfless, loving and giving of all they have.

My mother Dawn Hanks has given birth to 11 children, which 10 are still living.  She as well, has opened her heart and home to a few foster children, neighbors, Indian placement students, as well.  She has been a quiet support to my dad in his many assignments throughout the years.  She is warm, tender, loving, giving, and has a special appreciation for nature and all the beauties that surround her.  She along with my dad raised 10+ children, how in the world they survived this mentally, physically, or financially, I don’t even know how.  She supported my dad through his countless hours of service to our God and Church, as he served as Stake President for 14 years, as well as holding down the fort as my dad obtained his masters and doctorate degree’s.

Together my parents have traveled to many lands in church service.  I do believe 17 years have been spent with the  Samoan’s,  three years in Ukraine,  1 year in Germany, as well as much service in here in the US.  All these years away from our family has been a challenge especially for my mother to have to be away for special events that she would have loved to be here for.  However, their service has brought upon us (their family) countless blessings.  We dearly love them for this.  What an incredible example they have been for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as anyone that knows them.

Just within the past few months, my parents have moved into a brand new home, to be able to live closer to some of their children in their winding down days, is what they say.  We are continually amazed at the pace that they keep in life, and at how much they accomplish each day.  They claim they are slowing down, but it is certainly  not apparent as we visit them and see trees trimmed, weeds picked, boxes and boxes from the move unloaded, pictures hung, an office set up, and to top it off my dad has just finished a book he has been writing about his grandfather Ephraim K. Hanks.  (Did I just say that they moving date was 1 and a half months ago.  They are truly amazing people.  The example of my mom and dad are truly ones, if followed by all, would invite much peace, joy, and deep tenderness to all experiences in life.

I love mom and dad!  Happy 80th to a  sweet lady!


A huge surprise came, moments after she wondered why she hadn’t heard from some of her family on such a special day.  80 balloons tied and hung to celebrate this day.


Roses are so appropriate for a lady who loves digging in the earth, roses, all flowers, and gardening. DSC01691

Alan and Sandy hosted this great party.  They have a beautiful home that they love to share for parties. DSC01690 DSC01689 DSC01698 DSC01728

A good portion of my mom’s heritage.  We so missed many who could not join us. DSC01723 DSC01722 DSC01718 DSC01714 DSC01771 DSC01750

This is their new home that they get to enjoy, being 3 doors away from a son Alan, and daughter Lisa lives close by as well.  A dream come true for my parents.

DSC01714   DSC01716-001   DSC01723         DSC01789

Dawn Hanks enjoying being 80!  We love you!

Amazing Couple

Beautiful People!


  1. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful woman! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures!

    • We are so lucky to have such treasured relationships with our parents and families. So good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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