I Am Ready Now – Life Story of Ephraim Hanks

“I Am Ready Now” by J. Phillip Hanks. This new publication brings to light the events in the life of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks which are not widely known or have been hidden in archives of the past.
Ephraim book front cover

Phil (the youngest living grandchild of Ephraim Hanks) has spent many years researching and studying the journal entries of the life of Eph Hanks. This book will be a treasure for all Hanks descendants as well of those who have a deep respect for his life and values.

With the cost of printing, tax involved, plus paying Clark Kelley Price some on the copyright for the cover picture, the price of the book will be $20.00 plus tax and shipping.

The book is 6″ x 9″, regular book size, over 200 pages.

If you are interested in this collection you can email Phil Hanks at phildawn@xmission.com.

BYU Publishing will have the final print about October 1.

This information was gathered from a post by Sherry Mills  Smith at  Ephraim Hanks Descendants Facebook Page.


I am happy to have a copy of this  long awaited book written by my father,  Phil Hanks.  For those of us who enjoy sharing the stories of Ephraim Hanks, this book will certainly be a treasure.   I have enjoyed reading  new facts of his life, his eloquent obituary written by his daughter-in-law,  and stories of his family life.  A father, patriarch, & hero; he was truly a remarkable man.  Thanks dad for capturing these treasures and sharing them with us.


To Order:   “I Am Ready Now” The Life Story of Ephraim Hanks,

email a request to Phil Hanks at phildawn@xmission.com

Ephraim book

To order:  email Phil Hanks at phildawn@xmission.com

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