Family Focus


Families are such an important unit in society.  A strong loving family means a strong loving Nation, or community.   Our daily efforts with our families will make a difference.  I hope sharing some of these ideas might touch your lives and bring harmony into your home and family.


Family Finances –

These are simple household financial tips & ideas that might bless our lives.  I do not claim to be a financial expert, but hope you enjoy some of the simple ideas that have been tried and true and have been a part of my family for many years.   Financial matters in life can bring such freedom or mountains of stress.  I hope these ideas will bring financial freedom into your life.


Mom’s of Missionaries –

I am a proud mother of 4 sons and 1 daughter.  We have had an opportunity to send out 3 of our 4 sons out to serve 2 year missions for our church.  Presently we have a son in Guatemala.  What an incredible experience to share our sons or daughters in the service of our Lord.  It is not always an easy experience for a parent or the ones serving, but the most rewarding and blessed experience that one could ask for.

I am always looking for supportive missionary ideas, and also love just talking to missionary parents to share storied, ideas, and successes.  Feel free to share yours.

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