Treasuring Christmas with Grandparents

Treasured memories stay alive longer than gifts.  A beautiful idea was just shared with me yesterday while I sat in a salon chair getting a hair cut and a little color to bring some life back to my whitening/graying hair.  Halli, my hair dresser,  shared with such excitement how her mother holds a grandma sleepover close to Christmas time for all grand kids ages 3 and over.  They get together and have yummy food, read stories, watch movies, play games, and grandma lets each child open one gift.

What a treasured event that will be remembered for years to come.  The reason for writing this post was for me to remember this idea, and try to implement.  Sweet Halli, called this a Grandma sleep over.  I do believe my daughter-in-law’s grandmother has sleep over’s often for the grand kids as well.  These sleepover’s would be quite a sacrifice, especially as grandparents age.  I know as I start to set traditions with my now 4 grandchildren,  it is often a lot of work, which I know my husband (grandpa) would be tickled to be invited to be a part of.  He absolutely adores his grand kids, and would love to be right in the middle of all the activities, at least for a bit!

Maybe I can incorporate a holiday sleepover with a tradition that we have already done with our own children, and recently invited our grand children to help join in, as we welcome the Christmas holidays by getting together to set out my beautiful Nativity.  Each child  very carefully gets to help  take out of the box, a piece of the nativity and place it in its spot, as we tell the story of the birth of Christ.  We then explain the reason for celebrating Christmas, and set goals of love and service through the holidays.   This has been my attempt to focus on the real reason of Christmas; a moment to steer away from all the materialism that often sabotage’s the true meaning of Christmas.

Join with me in creating lasting treasured Christmas memories.  Hope you enjoy creating wonderful holiday traditions.

Merry Christmas!


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